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GAIA Content Production
Content Production, Production Management, Visual Content

I was intermittently contracted by Gaia as a Visual Content Producer from October 2015 to January 2016. My initial role was to create 1,200 high-resolution images for delivery to a third party video distribution partner. Upon an initial delivery of 1,200 titles, I was added to an ongoing internal project to create images in multiple formats for over 7,000 digital video titles.

On the surface, the project was pretty straightforward, make thousands of images. However, it was important for the Creative and Marketing teams to shape the future of their visual content workflow. The first delivery was time-sensitive, so so we made an effort to develop a production workflow that also standardized the internal visual content creation going forward.

The initial hurdle was to collect, parse and prioritize terabytes of content from multiple locations. Assets were available across cloud services, several internal networks, as well as physical media. This was a long-term project for the majority of the internal team. The project had multiple stakeholders in various positions. The scope of the entire project was pretty complex, below is a summary the project as a whole.


  • Provide 1,200 HQ images to video distro partner.
  • Support additional deliveries to video distribution partner
  • Develop future visual content production workflow.
  • Deliver HQ content for entire video content library for Gaia.com.
  • Continually look for opportunities to streamline the content production process.


  • No standardized image/video database. Over 7000 titles spread across several networks and physical media.
  • Diverse content ownership and key art availability. Some 100% owned, some acquired over the years and some licensed, etc. In some cases, there was no key art available which required us to create visual content from scratch.
  • Multiple style guides depending on video title category.

Phase 1

  • Collect, sort, and prioritize terabytes of content. 
  • Understand internal categories of titles and their design treatment
  • Third-party content partner and their image requirements
    • understand platform functionality
  • Plan flexible design process for instances
    • i.e. New Release banner overlay
    • 3 x 4 cover photo for cover
    • individual title image

Phase 2

  • Work remotely and autonomously with weekly team meeting with project manager and additional designer.
  • Design for the future by creating six images per title.
    • Two versions, one with text another without.
    • This was to support multiple content distribution platforms and the flexibility to place text via a database or not.
    • Additionally, we created each image in three formats.
      • 3×4
      • 4×3
      • 16×9
    • Branded image or no branding.